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ibn scaffold access ltd is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of its employees, those working on behalf of the company, clients and others who may be affected by activities carried out as part of ibn work practices.

Our ultimate goal is to eliminate all injuries by creating a culture of preventing injury and ill health at work.

We as a company recognise that accidents cause pain and suffering to victims and anxiety to their families.  To prevent accidents to persons, property and the environment, total involvement by all levels of management and each individual is necessary.

It is essential that everyone has a thorough understanding of safety as it relates to ibn’s activities.  Our health, safety and environment management system will be used as a tool to help manage these activities ensuring that they do not have a negative impact and that we comply with all legal requirements.

We will provide a safe a secure work environment by ensuring all significant risks are assessed and effectively managed and that our sites, plant and equipment is in a technically sound condition.

It is a primary objective of ibn to continually improve the safety and working environment of all of our employees and those undertaking work on behalf of the company.  To achieve this we need your help and co-operation.

Adherence to company procedures and policies is not a request it is a condition of employment.

To view our Health and Safety policy please click on the following link:

Ibn scaffold access ltd – Health and Safety Policy

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