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Featured Services

At ibn scaffold access ltd we offer a wide range of scaffolding services from Traditional Tube and Fitting Scaffolds, System Scaffolds, Temporary Roof Scaffolds to Façade Retention Scaffolds.

We also provide clients with Consultations on costs and designs in order to ensure that they receive a Cost Effective Solution for their Specific Project.

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Facade Retention Scaffolds
– using our expertise and experience with Facade Retentions we are able to provide a bespoke solution to meet your requirements.

Proprietary Stair Towers
- Access stairs in a combination of either 1.0m, 1.50m or 2.0m flights for maximum safe access to and from our scaffolds

Temporary Roofs
- using the lighweight and highly adaptable 'Omni' system roof enables ibn to quickly erect a temporary weather resistant cover.

TRAD Edgeguard – Temporary Handrail – 
This is the perfect system for use in preparation for maintenance or refurbishment works on flat roof.  It is an ideal solution for when you are unable to secure a handrail to the parapet.”

 – Provides a cost effective solution for Internal Fall Protection

Deep Aluminium Beams
- using deep framed aluminium beams allows ibn to construct spanned platforms with a mixture of widely spaced beams and substantial load capacities.

Combisafe Edge Protection
- safe, secure and professional edge protection panels for maximum safety and ease of operation.

Protection Fans
- the lightweight and incredibly quick to rig 'Combisafe' fans

Ladder Trapdoor Platforms
- secure metal trapdoors that lock into the open position for ease of use but which can be either opened or closed from below.  Safe and convenient to use.

Scaffold Ties
- dry fix non-rust plastic insert ringbolts with scaffold hook fittings used to secure our scaffold to the building structure.  We also provide a clear tie warning 'flag' to warn other trades not to remove the tie.